Before signing the deeds and other required documents, you should check the legal status of your new home. This is a very crucial step to do. Buying a home commits the owner with a lot of obligations in the long run in many ways. There are professionals who can help with this little statutory audit of housing. Prior to the acquisition of commitments with the seller of the home, it is advisable that the buyer knows and verify the legal status of the same. The purchase of a house is one of the most important economic decisions since it compromises the economic situation in the long term and therefore it is necessary to have a complete information.


It may be interesting to have the collaboration with a real estate agent to carry out a legal real estate audit of the house you want to acquire. This makes things easier and has been proven by many. A prospective buyer has the right to inform himself and the seller has the obligation to inform him. If there are burdens on the house, it is advisable to require the seller prior to the signature to become aware of payment or otherwise discount the outstanding amount of payment of the sale price.

Things To Check Before Buying A House In Jacksonville

If the house is going to be rehabilitated after the acquisition. It will be necessary to present a report issued by the designated agency. Are there leases or possessors in the dwelling? Formal manifestation and some public documents of the seller that leases are not established in the house. In case they exist, it is important to pay attention to:                            

Duration and extensions, verifying if there are rights of advance ruling to know the time in which the investment of the property is assured its profitability. Net income, costs incurred by the lessee, the existence of additional guarantees and preferential acquisition rights are equally important to check.


You can also check some title insurance companies if the house has been insured before. If the house is new or is under construction, has the developer hired damage insurance due to the possible structural defects of the building? Request for the contract policy completed with the document proving its entry into force; Certificate issued by the insurer accrediting the constitution and validity of the contract or supplement of entry into force of the insurance in which the conditions of the contract are specified. The notarization of the signature of the document submitted to prove the constitution and validity of the insurance are required.

Are there any litigations that affect housing? Request for property information on judicial claims and legalization records. Does the house have the required certificate for a dwelling? Request for a duplicate certificate. In the case that the dwelling does not have a certificate, an architect, technical architect/surveyor or building engineer will certify the habitability of the dwelling, issuing a certificate in this respect and will be accompanied by the request for a certificate that allows moving in that house.